What is Hygge ?


Hygge Pronunciation: (hoo-ga)
Origin: Norway, Denmark

Although it is not a Turkish word that fully meets the word; We can list its meaning in a few items.

1- The art of happiness
In fact, we can say to create pleasure in any situation.

2- Your loved ones and things you love
To be loved is luxury, I say loving is free ?

3- a quality life
Isn’t that what all of us have tried, and even our goal, since the first day. Good quality, come on like this, come and live a life.

Danes gather at each other’s houses on the cold winter days, chat for long hours, and describe these fun moments as ‘hygge’. Its must-haves include a warm conversation, a hot drink, warm booties, light dim lighting, even candlelight and relaxing music in the background. I think it is always from this hygge tradition that the Nordic countries are among the countries consuming the most candles.

Let’s add some HYGGE to our life now.

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