Hyggefoods is a shining star

Hyggefoods was awarded a certificate of honor in Shining Stars segment for its success within the scope of the ‘Segmentation Project’ carried out by YTU Yıldız Technopark and PwC Turkiye in June 2022. 



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Hemp seed powder should be the first choice for anyone looking to add a strong plant-based protein source to their diet. It is one of my top choices to consume before and after training. While it regulates the digestive system, it makes me feel full for a long time. Because of its neutral taste, I use in sweet, salty and raw recipes. It is great importance today which is the most sustainable food sources.

Sinem Yılmaz

Broker & Sportwomen

At Hyggefoods, not only are good quality hempseeds available. Also, they produce the first enriched plant-based caviar in the world. By the way, I also loved the prebiotic fiber idea and prebiotic fiber series.

Ceren Alyar

IFDN Nutritionist & ISSN Sports Nutrition Specialist

I consider Hyggefoods to be one of the most modern companies of the day. Despite the assortment of essential products with their natural ingredients.In addition, excellent service and fast delivery! For myself, as an athlete and just a person who wants to be healthy, I unconditionally decided to include these products in my dily diet! Thanks Hyggefoods for the quality and care!

Ekaterina Kitaeva

International Fitness Trainer & Swimming Coach

Great! Hyggefoods products are nutritious, delicious and of high quality. Hemp seed powder is my favorite, I use it in almost every meal. Also, the enriched plant-based caviar was very successful, I love it. Thank you, Hyggefoods.

Emre Can Yiğit


Hyggefoods is one of the most reliable brands that make plant-based nutrition diverse, enjoyable and accessible for me with its clean and affordable products. Ever since I started a vegan diet, there has always been a Hyggefoods product in my recipes, bag, and luggage. My favorite is the acai flavored hemp seed protein.

Arzu Koyutürk

Yoga Instructor & Vegan Patery Chef

Indispensable for our oatmeal, it is a product that we no longer give up in our diet with its practical and nutritious aspects. The benefits do not end with counting. We consume it very fondly.

Ece İrim & Altan Özpınar

Pilates Instructor & Math Teacher


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